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Veterinary Nurses

Kathryn Baker

Kathryn joined the practice straight from school in 1978 and has been here ever since! She passed her Veterinary Nurse examinations in 1981 and has a wealth of experience both in a professional capacity and a personal one as the owner of many pets over the years.

Kathryn owns border collies and working cocker spaniels. She has trained and competed to a high level in dog agility and currently enjoys training her border collies to work sheep. She is passionate about cats, and has rescued and hand-reared many over the years. Kathryn also has chickens of a variety of breeds, and several tortoises, some of which she reared from hatchlings.

Kathryn is available for general nurse appointments, and also puppy appointments to advise on training and health care.

Outside work Kathryn also enjoys gardening and photography.

Andrea Banham

Andrea joined the practice in 1994. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1996, and became interested in training Veterinary Nurses shortly afterwards. She has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse Training Assessor since 2000, and this role now occupies most of her time. She is extremely committed to this role and is very successful, having trained Helen, and Tia, as well as many other students who have now qualified and are working elsewhere. Andrea is currently training Rachel and Hayley.

Andrea has three children, Emma May, Andrew and Tamsin, and now works part-time. She owns a rescued cat, Charlie, and has  a particular soft spot for Yorkshire Terriers.


Helen Fane-Gladwin

Helen has been at the practice since 1996. She trained as a veterinary nurse with the practice and qualified in 1999. Helen is interested in surgical nursing and anaesthesia.

Helen particularly loves cats, and has rehomed two kittens, Neo and Dolly, who were left on our doorstep.Helen’s interests outside work include swimming, music and foreign travel.

Helen left us briefly to have her son, Joshua in December 2009. She came back two days a week until the start of 2016, and is now on maternity leave for her second baby. We were delighted to have Helen back with us in November 2016

Tia Christie

Tia worked at another local practice for one year before joining us as a student nurse in 2010. Tia qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in July 2013. Soon after qualifying Tia adopted ‘Cricket’ from the practice. Cricket (pictured posing with Tia) was a blind stray kitten who successfully fools most people into thinking he can see.

Tia has an honours degree in Genetics; she tried teaching science and did a couple of years office experience before giving in to her passion of spending all day working with animals. Tia is married to Nick, and Cricket is now having to share Tia with little Barnaby, born in August 2014.

In June 2015 we were pleased to welcome Tia back from maternity leave; she is with us on Tuesdays and Fridays, and helps run nurse clinics on Saturdays.

Jackie LooneyInformative image: vet nurse jackie looney

Jackie comes from Eire, and was brought up and trained as a vet nurse in Cork.

Jackie moved to England to work in a larger practice and further her experience.

She loves the practical aspects of nursing, and really enjoys looking after hospitalised patients.

Jackie is our resident nurse and checks on our hospitalised patients at night. If she has any concerns she contacts the duty vet.

She is shown cuddling one of the stray kittens born at the surgery this summer.

Informative image: nurse RachelRachel Upson

Rachel's first veterinary job was as a receptionist, but she quickly realised that veterinary nursing was the career for her. She started  training in 2014, and joined us in New Malden in 2016. She is hoping to qualify next year.

Rachel has two Golden retrievers, Leo and Bailey (still at home with Mum and Dad!) and as soon as she has a bigger flat she is hoping to have a cat.

She enjoys theatre work, and particularly enjoys settling cats in and helping them recover and come out of their shell.

Hayley Shaw

Hayley joined us in early 2016 and has just started her second year as a trainee veteinary nurse. Hayley has recently become our second resident nurse, sharing bedtime checks with Jackie.

Hayley has had a menagerie of pets, including dogs, ferrets and horses.

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