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New Malden Vets News and Offers

Special Offers Spring 2017

 Join our Pet Health Club For year round savings and great discounts:

Remember, Pet Club members can buy COST PRICE pet food and prescription diets!

 Pet Health Club members are entitled to a FREE microchip, so if your pet has not been chipped yet call for an appointment!

SPRING OFFERS 2017 - For more information watch this video

FREE BLOOD TEST for large dogs - Check your Dogs Heart

Heart disease is very common in dogs, especially older dogs. It usually either affects the valves inside the heart, or the heart muscle. Small breed dogs tend to have problems with their heart valves, whereas larger breed dogs tend to have problems with their heart muscle.

The most common disease that affects heart muscle is called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM most commonly affects larger breed dogs such as Dobermans, Boxers, Irish Setters, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and St Bernards.
Screening can identify dogs in the early stages of the disease, before clinical signs are showing. Early treatment can slow the progression of disease significantly

If your dog weighs over 30kg and is over 3 years old:

We are will examine your dog and listen to the heart, and then take a free blood test to check for Pro BNP, a marker of heart muscle damage.

For more information give us a call and check the BEAT canine heart disease site

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