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Advice from New Malden Vets

We are often adding new pages to this section, so please check back to see what is new.

  • Buying a pet
    • What should I consider when getting a new pet?
    • Where is a good place to get a pet?
    • What is the Canine Health Scheme?
  • Pet insurance
  • Caring for your pet
    • What do I do in an emergency?
    • How do I take my cat to the vets?
    • Does my pet need vaccinations?
    • Does my pet need neutering?
    • What is microchipping?
    • Does my pet need worming?
    • Worming for rabbits
    • Worming for chickens
    • Treating your dog for lungworm
    • Are you feeding your rabbit the correct diet?
    • Extra care during cold weather
    • Extra care during hot weather
    • Common dangers and poisons
  • Fireworks
  • Dangers at Christmas
  • Acupuncture
    • Does my pet have arthritis?
    • Does my pet have high blood pressure?
    • My pet is drinking more - is this a problem?
  • Euthanasia
    • Should my pet be euthanased (put down)?
    • What happens when a pet is euthansed?
    • Coping with bereavement
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