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What you can expect from us

Here to make you feel comfortable

  • Comfortable waiting room with separate cat only area
  • Three consulting rooms
  • Dispensary
  • Digital x-ray and ultrasound
  • Preparation area
  • Operating theatre
  • Dentistry work station and digital dental x-ray
  • Endoscopy
  • Separate dog and cat wards with heating and air conditioning
  • Laboratory
  • Isolation unit
  • Exercise yard and garden

Take A Tour


Our reception area is spacious and comfortable. If you would like to weigh your dog, there are walk-on scales with a non-tilting platform available. Please ask a receptionist if you need assistance.

When you arrive, please inform one of our receptionists, and you will be asked to take a seat whilst the vet or nurse that you are seeing is informed.

We also offer a small selection of good quality food, collars, leads, dental care items and toys for sale.

We have a cat-only waiting area. We have found that cats can get stressed while waiting near other animals, and this segregated area means that we can keep them as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Consulting Rooms

We have three consulting rooms with vet and nurse appointments available throughout the day, Monday - Saturday.

Operating Theatre

The operating theatre is used for surgical procedures. Access to this room is restricted to the personnel directly involved in the procedure, and a extremely high standard of hygiene is maintained.

Anaesthetic monitoring equipment is used on all patients and all anaesthetics are monitored by trained nursing staff to safeguard patient safety.

Dog and Cat Wards

Our dog and cat wards are separated from each other to limit the noise and smells of other animals. We provide the cats with hiding areas and the dogs with an outside garden for supervised exercise. Classical music is played and pheromone diffusers used in both wards to help them relax as much as possible during their stay.

If your pet can bring their own bed, toy or something that smells of home it can help them to settle in faster when they have to stay in hospital.

While in hospital your pets are cared for by qualified veterinary nurses and fully supervised student nurses. The hospital cages range in size to accommodate all sizes of patient from large dogs to small mice. We make sure your pet is comfortable with air conditioning and heating to maintain the right temperature.


We use digital X-ray to take x-rays of your pet including their teeth. This allows us to get high quality images very quickly. 

We also perform ultrasound in our radiography suite. This enables to look inside the abdomen and the heart to see movement and measure the size of blood vessels and organs.


The laboratory is equipped so we can examine blood, urine and faecal samples in-house. This is invaluable in an emergency situation when rapid results are required. We do however, send some samples away for more in-depth or complex investigations. We have a daily courier service to a large commercial veterinary laboratory, and most results are available within 24 hours.



We have a large garden at the rear of the practice. It proves very popular with pets who want to stretch their legs! Our nursing staff often take pets for a gentle walk around the garden to encourage recovery.

Dental Suite

We have a dedicated dental area, where we do all dental work. When your pet comes to us for a dental they have  a full general anaesthetic which is monitored by the nurse. We scale and polish the teeth to make them clean and reduce the bacteria in the mouth. We then x-ray all the teeth to check they are healthy, any injured or unhealthy teeth we remove. 

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